Cloud and mobile CRM

cloud crm  Cloud CRM and SaaS

CRM2 is a Cloud CRM software and offered as SaaS. This means that the software is always accessible from where ever you are. 24/7 when you are at home in Germany, or at office in England. You have the current data always in your hands when you have an internet connection, you have access to the cloud CRM too.

With SaaS your customer does not need to have any costly starting fees with CRM2, but they pay monthly depending of the user amounts. All the invoicing is handled by the reseller directly. Updates come frequently and new features can be activated right after update.

mobile crm  Mobile CRM

CRM2 includes a mobile version of the CRM software automatically. It is designed specifically for small mobile devices, like smart phones. Mobile version has limited features and designed to be used with smaller screens. All changes done by mobile will be saved to the same cloud CRM as full version. You can access the CRM2 full version with small screens like tablets and small laptops. 




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