Scalable solution

Scalable Solution Scalable solution

CRM2 solution can be used from small business to enterprise level companies. In agile CRM2 you can decide what elements and modules are in use by user group level. Also there are no limits for data amounts - you can manage millions of data records with lightning fast performance.

For reseller the CRM2 is offered automatically as white label product, which makes it possible to have the CRM2 branded accordingly your already existing productlines. Quite common is to create ready-made solutions of CRM2 for different markets.


Portals Portals

CRM2 provides several different portal environments fulfilling the solution even richer. You can e.g. distribute and manage leads, use web shops, manage marketing and call center actions, manage trouble tickets, use study portal functionalities, etc. 

The available portals include i.a.

  • Email Contacting Portal (ECP) - for email marketing and massmailing
  • Contact Center - for phone campaigns and marketing
  • Support Portal - for customer care and service requests' management
  • Invitation Event Portal - for publishing and managing invitation events 
  • Study Portal - for the customer to keep track of their studies and sign up for courses.
  • Self-Service Portal - for providing information and self-service functions for the customer.


Access permission Advanced access permissions

In CRM2 user permissions can be fine-tuned up to field content level. The three way role, profile, group -permissions management gives you flexible permission control over all CRM2 data.


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